Day 5 for Double Trouble in the Outback Air Race 2001

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Broken Hill

Day 5 was supposed to be a rest day in Broken Hill. But, alas, fame has a way of ruining things like that.

At 9am we together with the Whitsunday Wookies were required to front up at the local studio of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for a live interview. The interview, lasting about 10 minutes, was broadcast in the Broken Hill area.

We will make best endeavours to bring you a digitised version of this interview as soon as possible.

After the interview we continued collecting money of all and sundry that we happened to bump into in the centre of town.

At 11am we headed off to the golf course for some 4 ball Ambrose golf competition. In true outback style the local wild life has right of way. Here you can see Jens trying to hit his ball while an emu watches from behind:

Dirk had a quick pie floater for lunch at the following the golf. A pie floater is a meat pie suspended in a broth of pea soup:

After the golf we had to do more leg work and money raising, going into the banks, the police station, shops and even the social club. So by mid afternoon, when the results from the previous day's racing were at long last available, and we had collected a credible $453.50 in small change for the RFDS.

The results of the Oodnadatta to Broken Hill leg were favourable for Double Trouble: So we are now limited to wearing a silly hat and no longer have to lug the leg around.
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