Day 10 for Double Trouble in the Outback Air Race 2001

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Longreach to Hughenden

Today we left Longreach to the regional centre of Hughenden which is also the home of the Muttaburrasaurus.

The way points were: Kenya (an air strip) and Zara, another homestead.

We were teamed against It's Showtime Again, who were flying a Mooney 201.

Here you can see Jens getting taking a close look at the dipstick as part of his daily pre-flight inspection of the aircraft in Longreach.

He concluded that it was indeed a dipstick.

Upon arrival in Hughenden, which is a small country town (population 1,900) that services the surrounding district we had a quick refuel.

We were then driven into town by two representatives the Royal Flying Doctor's Women's Auxiliary.

The these ladies had driven 170km (110 miles) and 120km respectively over dirt roads from their homesteads for the somewhat dubious honour of acting as chauffeuse to some airborne revellers.

Hughenden is also famous for the Muttaburrasaurus that was found at nearby Muttaburra.

Seen here under the last extant specimen in the second busiest street in town (l to r) are:

Jens, The Cunning Stunts (Peter, "Bob, Stand-Up!!, Bob" and Ken) and Dirk

You will notice that Bob is almost as tall as Dirk is on his knees

A quick walk to the mighty flowing Flinders River convinced Jens and Heather that life jackets were an optional extra.

And Dirk indulged his secret penchant for cream buns
The evening's festivities, in the Royal Hotel, were as boisterous as ever, boosted by Gus (real name Slippery), a local character that had already had 10 beers by the time we landed and was still drinking strong when he challenged numerous people to play him on the circular pool table and kept on winning!

John Walsh, The Loner, in his ultralight Jabiru aircraft, which he can operate without a Private Pilot's Licence, did manage to beat the Cunning Stunts. As recognition of that fact the committee deemed him to now be a Proper Pilot which was celebrated by John receiving a Limousine ride through town in an HG Holden station wagon that was suitably adorned and placarded and had a crew with loudspeakers onboard, broadcasting his achievement to all and sundry. Click on the image to see his ride:

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