Day 2 for Double Trouble in the Outback Air Race 2001

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Alice Springs

Day 2 was basically a rest and preparation day.

We went out to the aerodrome in the morning to collect some items left behind the day before and to have the aeroplane refuelled.

After lunch we had to register and received our kit, which consisted of:

Race Rules

At 4pm we had a meeting where the details (but not all) of the general rules were announced

In a nutshell this is how it goes:

We are given two way points that are roughly along the way from the point of departure to the destination for the day's flying. These way points must be located on the appropriate maps, distances calculated and each team must then submit to the race committee an estimate for how long it will take them to fly from the first way point to the second way point.

The GPS (Global Position System) receiver that each team has been issued with will record the exact location and time of the plane as it flies over (or near) the way points. The idea is to ensure that the time taken to fly from the first way point is exactly the same as the time you nominated. It is also essential to fly as closely as possible to each of the way points.

Each day each team will be pitted against another team. The team that records the more accurate time will win. If both teams record the same time, that team which passed the way points more accurately will win.

Points are awarded as follows: 2 for a win, 1 for a draw or 0 for a loss.

Because there are twenty teams, there are two ladders of ten teams each: The turquoise and the tangerine ladder.

Double Trouble is in the turquoise ladder.

Doc Dollars

The 1500 DOC dollars that have been given to each team member may be used to purchase favours of other teams, but, much more importantly, are used by the race committee to fine teams for misdemeanours. This can be anything from arriving late to a meeting to making a fool of yourself on the radio or losing your aeroplane keys.

The cocktail party

As a get-together, we had a cocktail party on the Sunday night where everyone got to meet the other people. The theme for the cocktail party was: Black tie with an international flavour. Dirk and Jens got dressed up in their finest and are pictured with one of the race organisers, Sherrel O'Neil:

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